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This list is comprised of works incorporating or authored by Kate Gardiner. Various items may be missing as links decay over time, companies are sold, etc. Please let Kate know if something you’ve written or produced is missing by emailing kate@kategardiner.com with the URL and the publication date. If the item is hardcopy, please contact Kate for a mailing address. Thank you!

SXSW: Online Harassment Summit 2016

Citations, Press, Earned Media.

Al Jazeera’s The Stream: Do social media giants control the future of news? [YouTube]
The New York Times: No one to meet? How about a tweetup?
Fast Company: Generation Flux

Huffington Post Live:
#Mocktivism ? Mocking The World Isn?t Gonna Change It
Top Stories
Tech Game Changers
Connecting Via Airwaves ? Radio?s Transition To The Social Media Age
50 Facebook Subscribe suggestions in media

Ladies of Real Influence (LORI) Montreal: 7 Questions for Kate Gardiner, Cofounder of AVG and Executive Director of TheLi.st
Carrie Kerpen’s ‘All the Social Ladies’ Episode 131 [podcast]
Farnoosh Torabi’s Your So Money [podcast]
SXSW: The Frontline Defense: Community managers [moderated panel]
MinusTheDoubt [Documentary about empowering women] 
Unspoken Words: Thoughts of the Millennial Generation: Kate Gardiner
Four Northwestern Alumni named to Forbes #30Under30 Lists

How should your startup do content? The current state of content marketing strategy
The Growing Power of Tumblr – for news 
Develop the right voice for your branded content
Cell phone habit too hard to break? You may have nomophobia
Columbia Journalism Review: Journalists love reddit AmAs
FinePoint Five
Facebook charging $100 to message Mark Zuckerberg, other select users
Should You Have a Facebook Page if You Sell a Super-Niche Product?
Slate.fr: But what is a social media editor?
Online News Association Conference 2012
Workspiration: Kate Gardiner
It?s All Journalism
PBS Mediashift
Webmaster Radio: Why the opinion revolution works for you (listen)
Brandeis Alumni: Careers in Media Webinar
Nine tools for journalists to cut Twitter list creation, management time
Twitter Auto-DMs: Engagement or Annoyance?
ONA AEJMC: State of the Industry 2010
Voice of America: News Business in US Faces Big Challenges
Vocativ Gets Provocative With News Innovation
New Yorkers are too busy to chew their food now
Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got apps?

Citations (Books)
Practicing Convergence Journalism: An introduction to cross-medium storytelling
Push Comes to Shove: New Images of Aggressive Women

Kate’s Work
Should publishers be running towards Facebook or away from it?
Powerful women connect, create during Chicas first US event
PBS NewsHour
| Chicagoist | WBEZ
PBS MediaShift: Social media, drives traffic, engagement at NewsHour
Knight Foundation: Judge, Innovation Awards (2011-2012)
We?re the staff of Newsweek! Ask us anything
Capital New York: Newsweek staff does IAmA
OnEarth Magazine
Portfolio | Photography
The Marginalized Groups Doha?s PR Would Rather You Not See
Michigan Public Radio: Tracking Asian carp by what they leave behind
Eat an Invasive Today: Asian Carp
Asian carp report highlights urgent need to save Great Lakes from invasion
First Friday Focus: Great Lakes Growing Threat: Asian Carp
The Perfect Body
To divert or not to divert: the impact of TIFs on Chicago Public Schools
Mayor Daley wants to make your city more sustainable

Hillary Clinton Scrunchies are a mockery 
Content Strategist: “The Story Behind the Furrow
Huffington Post

Study: Asian carp eggs could survive tougher conditions than previously thought
Eric ‘Guitar’ Davis, Chicago Blues Musician, Among 5 Men Killed In Thursday Shootings Citywide
Pitchfork 2013 survival guide
Should boxing be banned? 
Advisor, Journalism+Design Program, The New School
Adjunct Faculty, New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies
Guest lecturer, Northwestern University?s Medill School of Journalism

MIT Civic Media
Summit Series
Online News Association
TechLady Mafia
Social Media Strategies Summit
TechMunch Austin

The Lady Project

Events Coordinated, Crafted, Hosted
Founder, Women Who Whiskey
TheLi.st Live: Werk! (2016)
XbyXX (2016)
Women in tech, Now What? (2016)
SXSW16+WJChat = Party (2016)
Love & Power: Income Inequality in Relationships (2016)
Listup on the Rooftop (2015)
SXSW Listup @ Travelzoo (2015)
SXSW: Women in Tech, Now What? (2015)
SXSW WJChat, SocJourn & TechLadyMafia Meetup (2015)
Women Who Whiskey + ListUp on the Rooftop (2014)
SXSW: Women Who Whiskey (2014)
SXSW: WJChat + SocJourn (2014)

Online News Association Meetup (2014)
#LongLivePrint: The Newsweek Relaunch (2014)
ONA2013: WJChat + SocJourn Your Favorite Online Journalists Face to Face
ONA2012: WJChat + SocJourn
ONA + #WJChat + #socjourn + #journchat Drinks at #UNITY 2012
Social Journalism Reaches 1000 ? Tweetup! (2011)
WJChat + SocJourn Meetup (2011)
PBS NewsHour Tweetup (2010)
Media Tweetup (Chicago) (2009)
Online News Association DC meetups