Jamie Sandoval

The Sandoval Brothers

One brother legal, the other deported. These Chicago natives took the long way into the ring. Along the way, they found each other - and a new identity on both sides of the US-Mexican border. (Audio Slideshow)(more)

Carl Bernstein

Another Chicago Media Forum: Second Verse, Same as the First?

Chicago's journalism elite gathered together Thursday afternoon for yet another group therapy session, this time bringing Carl Bernstein and our beloved editor-in-chief, Marcus Gilmer, into the mix. Covering a sweeping range of topics, the central theme was the future of the news industry. Conclusion? Doom.... (more)

Lisa Madigan

Madigan: Craigslist to Drop 'Erotic Services'

Craigslist will drop its 'erotic services' classified ads section in favor of another, more heavily-moderated adult category, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Wednesday. At a morning press conference, Madigan said, "I think this is a fundamental change, a recognition by Craigslist that the erotic services section truly had become an Internet brothel, truly had become an illegal and dangerous place." (more)

Lamar Fenner Golden Gloves: And Then There Was One...

The national Golden Gloves finals are tonight at Utah's Salt Palace Convention Center - and Chicago still has a man in the running. Lamar Fenner, 26, told Chicagoist he's "the littlest guy in height," but that those stats (5'10", 195 pounds) haven't mattered yet - the Leo High School alum has punched his way through to the top of the competition. "It's my first time in Utah," he said. "And I think the most important thing was to set a pattern. The first fight was the hardest because I was nervous and I didn't really know what was going on." But, he said, being in the ring fighting boxers he's never seen before wasn't really a worry. (more)

Tracy Rollins

Phenom boxer Rollins on a Roll

He's 16, he owns four technology businesses and he graduated high school two years early. But that's not what makes Tracy Rollins unique - it's his boxing. Rollins, of Homewood, is a five-time national junior champion making his debut in the senior division this month. His all-time record currently stands at 69-5. And he's doing well. Rollins has moved through to the semi-final bouts this weekend at Chicago's biggest amateur boxing tournament - the Golden Gloves in Lakeview. (more)

Tom Dart

Tom Dart, fighter of prostitution, meet Sharon, prostitute

Sharon is 31, graduated in 2001 with a degree in what she describes as “essentially philosophy.” She last held a job, which was part time, in 2007. But she has been working, full time since 2005. Sharon is a prostitute in Chicago. And, she said, she likes it. (more)

Green Exchange

Remaking a forgotten area

The Green Exchange, a multi-purpose business center focusing on so-called green collar jobs, is still an oddity in the changing neighborhood on the eastern edge of Logan Square, near Diversey and Rockwell, where it sits. (more)


Dispatch from D.C.: Crowds, a coronation and the elusive nature of change

What is there to say that hasn't been said? The Metro was crowded to overflowing, the streets were cordoned off and inconvenience abounded. And nothing particularly bad or dramatic developed, outside of a few creaky senators heading to the hospital after seeing their new fearless leader sworn in. It was downright magical. And it was probably best seen on TV. (more)

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