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My newsletter is an overabundance of many things, including name dropping, gossip, links, content you should’ve read but missed, hyperbole about the glory that is happening in various places, social media you surely didn’t see the first time, pretty photos, books, live action and events, the best practices you could be following for your media company/brand and many, many other things.

Ergo, you should subscribe.

There are more than 13,000 people who presently subscribe to it. When I get around to sending the thing, more than 58 percent of them read it. Eight percent of them click on something. Really. It’s fun. Come see! #stats

[Related: If you’re hiring someone, reading something, bragging about something or in need of a critique / other thing from a group of the best people in the world, feel free to send along a link. I curate for the month prior to sending and it goes out roughly every quarter.]