An Introduction: Kate Gardiner, audience engagement specialist

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Who am I? 

I’m Kate Gardiner. I’ve been consulting for media companies and startups since I graduated from Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism in 2009 with a degree in urban reporting and a certificate from Kellogg’s Media Management program.

I’ve been a reporter since I was 16 (starting with my high school radio station, WHFH), but since 2010 my specialty has been building and managing  digital audiences during crises including Hurricane Sandy, the Arab Spring and, of course, the BP Oil Spill.

I’ve written, occasionally, for journalism blogs, about journalism. Sometimes I do public speaking.

Mostly though, I’m behind the scenes, helping to launch brands including Newsweek (#longliveprint), LAUNCHSymbolia (#longlivecomics) and InfoActive.

What I do:
Audience engagement and strategic development for brands, individuals and media companies, as well as startups who’d like to work with media companies. I’ve made radio, shot concerts and investigated injustice, though mostly these days I find myself in management meetings, collaborating on media empires.

How I do it:
Strategic development starts from a series of one-on-one meetings with your team, outlining goals for audience engagement, development and more, given a timeline. We set benchmarks, we experiment, we look at the data, and we hash out what comes next. And then we iterate, over and over and over.

I’ll help you build partnerships, products, teams, events and public relations campaigns through a network of thousands of media professionals making the next best thing in news and publishing. Deliverables have ranged from editorial directives and big ticket events to on-screen action for television shows and talent training. I’ll show you Skype – and then I’ll show you how to put it on stage.

Where I do it:
Just about anywhere. I’ve worked abroad, in London, Istanbul and Doha, and I’ve worked with clients in New York, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Miami, San Francisco, Santa Monica and various small towns all over the United States. I’m happiest on the road, exploring a new town after a business trip, or swimming in an as-yet unconquered body of water.

I grew up in Chicago’s South Suburbs, but spend all my free time at ‘home’ – my parents’ sheep farm in southeastern Wisconsin. My horse, Copenhagen, and I have ridden hundreds of miles across hill and dale. It’s my favorite place, and the most likely hideaway if I’m not in New York.

I went to Brandeis University for undergrad, majoring in American Studies. I graduated with five minors.  I rode with the then-nascent equestrian team, reported for both the Brandeis Hoot and The Justice, hosted a blues show on WBRS, the campus radio show and traveled to a half-dozen new countries during my exchange programs in the UK.

I’m a proud member of Tech Lady Mafia, The List, Summit Series, the Medill Alumni Association, the Online News Association, and a host of other organizations.

Online, I’m everywhere:  LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Delicious | Flickr | Resume